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Clary sage oil is also known as clary is extracted from clary sage, a small perennial herb with hairy leafs and small bluish or purple flowers. It is extracted by the process of steam distillation that this oil is considered to be an essential oil used for many purposes. The pure sage oil made from the seeds of clary sage and from the dried leaves with using the steam distillation process contains several vital elements which are essential for our health. The main components of this oil are Sclareol, Linyl acetate, Linalool, Neryl Acetate, Caryophyllene, Terpeniol, Germacrene and Geraniol with having an herbal smell and a watery viscosity. Due to its herbal smell and antiseptic characteristic it is considered to be an essential oil widely used for many purposes including some treatments like depression, insomnia, stress, seated tension etc. So obviously the clary sage is claiming to the nervous system. Being a recommended solution for many health treatments it is also used to help the respiratory, uterine and muscular body systems especially for females in during the labor process. Obviously the floral smell of clary sage made it as an advantage to use as a cosmetic product that it blends particularly with lavender, lemon and bergamot.

Like the same the omega 3 fish oil is better used controlling the cholesterol level and makes your heart healthier. Also it improves memory, l improve quality of hair, nails and skin less the arthritis difficulties, make the joints healthier etc. Studies have shown that the raw seed oils, fish oils, clary sage oils etc are produced from the sage seeds but using different extraction methods. Al though these oils are natural and completely pure so there is no risks in using for treatments and it has huge benefits. The linseed oil is a yellow colored but clear oil which could extract from the flax plant’s dried pipe seeds. The flax seeds from the flax plant are heated treated and extracted using some chemicals to get linseed oil. It has a great value for both the medicinal and industrial uses. As this sage and seed oils doesn’t contain any type of toxics this can be used for having internally in the form of medicine for all age groups. The reason why all these oils are used in medicinal treatments is that its main property of the antispasmodic, antidepressant behavior.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which necessarily used for normal growth and development. This acid found in fish, some plants and other sea food like algae and krill used as a nutritional supplement for human health. Omega 3 fatty acids which also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids play a major role in better functioning brain and even for normal growth in human. So fish oils packed with this fatty acids are seems to be a beneficial factor for human body. All these seed oils, fish oil with omega 3 fatty acids shown to help for the treatments like heart disease, depression, skin and hair treatments, to save eye sight, high blood pressure etc.
Clary sage oil is essential for all the organs in the body . omega 3 fish oils fish oils have been known as essential to normal growth and health.

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This article was published on 2010/12/06