Declaration of Independence From Oil Company Bastards And Disgustingly High Fuel Prices

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When in the Course of human events we must take a stand as one to break free of slavery’s shackles which have connected them those who would rob them and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them then it is up to sovereign men in the free market to provide the key to unlock those chains and to open tomorrow to that freedom.

It is time to declare independence from the bastards who steal from 250 million Americans every damn day at the gas pump and reap obscene profits for their criminality, their dishonesty, their manipulations and deceptions and their random luck in the gene pool that had them born into the blood line of greedy rich bastards just like them.

If there is any true scarcity of oil then explain how come there has not been a single new refinery opened on American soil since the 1970s?
Let me understand this…we can dig for oil in other countries and fuck up their environment but not to dig up our own soil. And it is preferable to spend more on foreign oil than to ruin our amber waves of grain and purple mountain’s majesty? Did the morons ever hear the word “ecology”? It was the buzz word of the 1960s. It means environmental responsibility because it is the concept that if we fuck up the environment over there it will still bite us in the ass eventually!
If there is a scarcity that demands rocketing prices and demands that our solidiers must die in foreign lands so as to secure that precious crude so as to keep the economic system from falling apart then why why don’t we dig up our own billions of barrels of oil?

OK, now that we have declared independence what to do we do now? Well there’s boycotts and blacklists and stuff we can do. But there is something we can do on an individual basis… convert our gas engines to hydrogen systems based on extracting hydrogen from water. The technology exists. In fact, it is too easy! A mason jar, some wire, some rubber bands and some know how and you can reduce your gas consumption by 18% or more, sometimes over 55%! And with just a little bit extra you can convert not just to a hybrid gas/hydrogen system but to a full hydrogen engine! Then you will be independent for sure because you will never have to put your credit card into a gas pump again in your life!
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Declaration of Independence From Oil Company Bastards And Disgustingly High Fuel Prices

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This article was published on 2008/01/26
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