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Also known as ethereal oils, essential oils are concentrated and hydrophobic liquids which consist of volatile aroma compounds from plants. They are derived from different sections of plant like leaves, flowers, bark, wood, resin, seeds and roots. These natural essential oils are defined by the distinctive fragrance and essence of the plant from which they are manufactured. Generally extracted by the processes like distillation and solvent extraction, these fragrance oils essentially find their applications in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and for adding scents to incense sticks and household cleaning products. While in solvent extraction the fragrance oils are extracted by using solvents like hexane, methyl alcohol, the left over residue is the absolute.

Absolutes are generally similar to but more concentrated when compared to the essential oils. When essential oils can be produced from steam distillation, absolutes are produced using solvent extraction techniques. Due to the low temperature of production process, these absolute products have aroma closer to the original plant product than the essential oils that are produced from distillation process.

As a leading manufacturer of natural plant products and essential oils, BMV Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. specializes in processing plants for naturals used in incense sticks, cosmetics, soaps & shampoos, pan masala & chewing tobacco. Quality really matters for us; therefore a wide continuum of our natural oils, reconstituted essential oils and absolutes includes the products that are produced by using advanced technical in-house methods, out of which some are as follows:

Peru Balsam Oil

Peru Balsam Oil is dark yellow or brown pourable viscous oil produced from exudite of Myroxylon pereiraa. With typical balsamic, sweet & tenacious smell, this reconstituted Peru Balsam essential oil imparts depth and natural spicy sweetness to a rose, amber or oriental bases. When blended with sandalwood oil, it gives a delightfully sweet and precious wood type odor. This is mainly used in industries like fragrance industry, flavour industry, pharmaceutic industry, food industry and cosmetic industry.

Olibanum Oil

Olibanum is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia or serrata. Olibanum essential oil is usually extracted by steam distillation of the dry resin. Also called Frankincense Oil, this oil is nearly colourless, light and refreshing in odour having rich balsamic woody and fresh terpenic smell. This sweetly smelling Olibanum fragrance oil is an important ingredient in oriental bases, ambres, powder type perfumes, floral perfumes, citrus colognes, spice blends, violet perfumes and men's fragrances.  It blends well with sandalwood oil, vetiver oil, olibanum absolute and cinnamon bark oil and therefore can be used for further perfume developing work.

Pimento Oil

Pimento essential oil is obtained by distillation from the dried, full-grown, unripe fruit of Pimenta officinalis plant. This is yellow colored reconstituted liquid with a warm, spicy and sweet odor. It is used in variety of applications like add a spicy fragrant touch to perfumes and soaps, to strengthen Ylang-Ylang and modify the odour of carnation oils. This product combines well with ginger oil, geranium, geraniol, nerol, neryl acetate, lavender, amly salicylate, opopanax, labdanum products, isoeugenol, ylang ylang, methyl cinnamic aldehyde, methyl ionones, patchouli and orris products and is mainly used in applications of fragrance and flavour industries.

Not only these, we offer best quality aroma therapy oils and natural plant products like cardamom absolute, carthamus absolute, castoreum absolute – 50, cinnamon bark absolute, cistus absolute, clove bud absolute, labdanum absolute, labdanum green absolute, liquorice extract, myrrh absolute, myrrh resinoid, nutmeg absolute, oakmoss absolute, olibanum absolute etc.

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Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils - Peru Balsam Oil, Olibanum Essential Oil, Pimento Oil

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