Health Benefits Of Oregano

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Oregano, an herb known to specialists as the Origanum vulgare is extremely used in various dishes, particularly Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. It contains a number of nutrients, including vitamin K, iron and magnesium. Researchers say that the consumption of oregano influences the progesterone hormone.

Oregano is one of the healthiest spices, so that just half a teaspoon of dried oregano worth the nutrients and benefits with a spinach salad. Also, oregano has expectorant qualities and is indicated for smokers and facilitates digestion.

Oregano is an aromatic plant, related to marjoram, though in a slightly different taste and aroma. Besides the culinary use, oregano has great therapeutic properties. The main action of this spice is the regulation of gastrointestinal tract activity and increased intestinal peristalsis.

When choosing natural oregano for its benefits, choose the fresh version. It is true that dried oregano is more aromatic, but its antioxidant and antibacterial properties are preserved when the plant is fresh. You can even choose oregano oil.

Oregano increases production of progesterone, working in the intracellular receptors. This hormone is essential for the body, helping maintain a healthy sleep schedule and normalize blood sugar levels.

Organo oil works quickly and removes harmful stomach irritation and infections. To treat respiratory problems, take a five-day course of juice and add three drops of essential oil. Improvements can be seen from the first day, but for a complete healing continue your diet for five days.

Studies have shown that oregano oil successfully prevents candida albicans, staphylococcus infections, vaginal infections with Pseudomonas and Listeria. Some studies have found that it is a powerful remedy against pain, comparable to the best drugs on the market, and with almost no side-effects.

Thymol and rosmarinic acid are strong antioxidants from oregano. There are studies that show that one gram of fresh oregano has the antioxidant power 42 times greater than an apple, 30 times more than potatoes, 12 times more than orange and 4 times more than blackberries.

Neutralizing free radicals, oregano oil helps slow the process of cell damage, thus slowing aging. Antioxidants help protect against cancer, eye diseases, and muscle degeneration in many diseases of the nervous system.

The most useful part from oregano plant are the leaves. Extracts of oregano leaves and juice are used as remedies for asthma, dyspepsia, chronic cough event, bronchitis and rheumatism. Leaves relieve abscesses, swelling due to sprains, and various inflammations by direct application to the affected areas.

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Oregano oil and cinnamon for weight loss supplements are amazing products and have major health benefits. Check cinnamon allergy symptoms before using it.

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Health Benefits Of Oregano

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Health Benefits Of Oregano

This article was published on 2013/10/07