Important truths about vehicle oil change

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One of the basic maintenance procedures that should be performed by car owners is changing their cars' oil. Oil change is important since the oil gets sticky as time goes by. This happens because the oil collects more residues from some of the engine components rubbing each other.  Due to this, proper oil change is needed.

However, oil change should be conducted properly. In addition to this, the procedure should be done in a prescribed time. In case you don't have a clear idea about these things, try to understand some of the most important truths about changing the vehicle's oil by consulting some of the car advice offered online. All you need to do is conduct the needed car research on the internet to look for the needed advice. But to simplify things up, here are some of the truths about oil change that you need to be aware of.

1. Should be conducted every 5000 mile

Although this has been subjected to a lot of debates, it is still considered proper for you to change your car's oil every 5000 miles. The oil texture and performance after running this particular distance starts to wane and failure to change the car's oil might cause the engine to stall.

Given this risk, you really need to monitor the distance travelled by your car since any engine failure might cause you to incur additional expenses. By changing the vehicle's oil every 5000 miles, you will help prevent it from getting damaged, maximize your savings and use this amount to pay for your other financial obligations.

2. New car models require less frequent oil change

As technology improves, more and more new car models are created that require less frequent change oils. Ford Motors for example was able to create car models that needs oil change every 7500 miles instead of the usual 5000 miles mark. With this, Ford vehicle owners can now earn additional savings due to the reduced oil change frequency.  They can now use their savings to pay for more essential payments such as their bad credit vehicle loan premiums in case they are having not so good credit situation.

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Important truths about vehicle oil change

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This article was published on 2011/05/16