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Both oil and water are two commodities mankind needs for survival. But in the wrong proportion they can prove deadly in any environment. Oil spills, water contamination, require clean ups in the most efficient manner where the water and oil are separated. Facilities like food processing units, oil rigs and also industrial units where such occurrences are common need skimmers. Skimmers are able to protect the machines that process the food. They help to remove active bacteria that settle in crevices of the machines. Depending on the kind of processing units and the needs there are several kinds' of oil skimmers that can prove beneficial. Understanding the way they function and which type is the best for which process in the industry can bring optimum results. Floating oil, contaminated water attracts bacteria on the surface. When the surface is skimmed off the fluid can become clean again.

The surface tension and gravity determine what kind of oil skimmer is best. When the surface is to be cleaned, it can be done by a process which uses belts, disks, or even drums. The oil sticks to surface while the duct sucks the fluid clean. The skimmer media itself is then cleaned with the help of spray bar or aerator or any other way. This way the oil skimmers can be reused when required. There are several oil skimmers that can be purchased online. Of course the quality determines how good they are. Some even come cheap but then that does not mean they are not of a good quality. An oil skimmer that is able to keep the fluid movement in circulation is good. Oil is hard to remove from any surface. It should not be allowed to form any biofilm that can contaminate the fluid. Once the stagnation sets in, it could prove dangerous. This is also an important feature of aquariums that pump fresh water so that the fish can breathe normally.

A powerful and cost effective oil skimmer can even complement the other processes of removal like coalescers, or membrane filters or even chemical in nature. In areas where there is ground water oil skimmer is essential. It can remove the bioremediation of the ground water. Oil skimmers can be successfully deployed for safe disposal and clean the water or any other fluid from oil. Some of the best areas where the oil skimmers are economical and cost effective are:

1.Treatments for removal trench oils by heating

2.Washer parts when oil deposits itself

3.Food processing units

4.Auto Garages, parking lots, ponds, lakes and wells

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Oil Skimmers

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This article was published on 2010/09/21