Protecting Your Domestic Oil Tanks From Theft

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Oil Tank Theft - The Problem

In line with the continually rising cost of oil, oil theft is becoming an increasing concern for those with a domestic oil supply. Thieves can be tempted to steal the oil due to its high resale value, allowing them to easily profit out of the crime. Such crime is especially prevalent in rural areas, where ownership of heating oil tanks is higher and the thieves are less likely to be noticed.

The most popular oil tanks these days are made of plastic, and although most manufacturers supply them with padlock points to allow the lids to be secured, these can be flimsy and easy to tamper with. So regardless of the power of the padlock, the plastic itself could be snipped off!

Protecting Your Oil Tank From Theft

In order to protect their heating oil from theft via siphon, oil tank owners are having to ensure that they are using reliable oil tank security products such as locks and alarms to reduce their risk of being a victim of this crime.

Popular oil tank security products include tank locks and oil tank alarms. Tank locks are secure locks, most of which secure the main filling point, i.e. the opening on the oil tank that exposes oil to thieves. For the utmost in oil tank security, the Tank Arm oil tank lock secures both the filling point and the inspection hole.

How Does Tank Arm Work?

Once the oil tank cap is removed, a base plate needs to be placed over the neck of the inspection hole. The supplied cap then needs screwing onto the oil tank filling point. The two arms are then joined together and secured with a trusty padlock. One way tamper proof screws then help to secure the base plate to the tank.

Your oil tank is then fully secured and cannot be accessed without the key / combination to the padlock.

An alternative to a tank lock is an oil tank alarm that makes a noise when oil is being removed from the tank. This is a good solution for when the tank owner is at home, as they will hear the alarm and subsequently be in a position to take action. However, if the owner is not in proximity to the oil tank, the alarm will not be heard and thus thieves are unlikely to be deterred. For this reason, a secure oil tank lock may be a preferred option.

Further Oil Tank Security Measures

A further measure that could be taken to maximise oil tank security is to ensure that the oil tank is hidden from view. Sheds, fences, trellises or hedges can be used to hide the oil tank and make it less likely to be seen by passers by. In addition, security lights could be installed, that trigger should any movement be detected near the oil tank.


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Protecting Your Domestic Oil Tanks From Theft

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Protecting Your Domestic Oil Tanks From Theft

This article was published on 2012/01/19