The World of Plastic Thread Protectors

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According to British Petroleum, global crude oil production has increased from 21 million barrels per day in 1960 to 73 million barrels per day in 2009. This speaks volumes about the growth of the oil exploration and refining industry. Plastic thread protectors play a vital role overall in the oil production process and are used to protect the pipes during the process of oil exploration and transportation. Thread protectors are basically made from two types of materials:

1.Metal (conventional) protectors
2.Plastic Thread protectors.

Features of Plastic Thread Protectors
All-plastic composite protectors can withstand rough handling conditions and protect the threads of the pipes in case of impact, corrosion and contact with contaminants during the exploration and transportation processes. Plastic thread protectors have characteristics that out-weigh those of metal (steel) protectors in the following areas:

Light weight & easy to use: All-plastic protectors are lightweight in nature and their flexible shape makes installation, use and removal easy. These protectors usually feature CNC (computer numerical controlled) machined threads, enabling a perfect fit that reduces the chance of corrosion and helps eliminate wear and tear during storage or handling. They are suitable for all types of handling or loading (including truck, rail and offshore transport).

Designed for extreme weather conditions: They can endure a wide range of temperatures, and have been tested to work in -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C). Also, they are formulated to control thermal expansion and contraction in such extreme weather conditions.

Eliminate problems that characterize conventional (metal) thread protectors: The use of plastic reduces problems associated with removal like untangling of a damaged metal sleeve, which in itself is a very difficult process. Also, it helps to eliminate the negative impression of the used pipe, so often associated with rusted metal sleeves.

Completely recyclable: They are 100% recyclable, which reduces their carbon footprint and is an important factor in today?s environmental situation. This is especially true for oil companies, who are plagued by the media for their increasing negative effect on the environment.

Pipe thread protectors play a very important role in the overall oil production process. Their efficiency and effectiveness contributes significantly to the oil industry. Plastic thread protectors take the efficiency and user-friendliness of thread protectors to the next level.

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The World of Plastic Thread Protectors

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This article was published on 2011/05/10