Waste Oil Heater- How it Works

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Are you looking for a heating unit for your home or office? Are you someone who believes in the conservation of energy and natural resources? Do you believe that little change of lifestyle on our part can make big changes to the environment? If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes; you must find out more about waste oil heaters.

An used oil heater or a waste oil heater is a device that is used as heating units for household or industrial purposes. They use oil that have been used previously and is declared unsuitable to serve its original purpose any longer. The petroleum based oil or the synthetic used oil is mostly used in the waste oil heaters. This is an environment friendly method and is safe.

Once you have decided to purchase a used oil heater, the first decision that you need to take is what type of oil you should use. When it comes to used oil; the variety increases a lot. Different types of used oils have different viscosities. Synthetic oil and natural oils are found in different concentration and mixtures. In most of the cases you will find a good amount of transmission and hydraulic fluid mixed in it. It is impossible to find two batches of used oils that are exactly alike. So make sure that the device you are purchasing for heating these oils can deal with the variety.

When you are purchasing the heating system; make sure it uses a coil tube boiler. The coil tube boiler design is far better than those that use the jacketed system. This is especially more useful in case of the used oil boilers. Ask about the maintenance interval of your waste oil furnace before purchasing it. The device you purchase should have a large opening so that all its internal surfaces can be easily accessed and proper servicing can be done.

It is very important to clean the waste oil furnace regularly. The combustion of used oil produces large amounts of ash. If you let it build up for a considerable period of time, it may interfere with the efficiency of your used oil heater. So make sure you are getting your waste oil furnace maintained at regular intervals. These devices are usually expensive. Lack of maintenance can interfere with the performance of the device.

Buying a used oil heater is a smart investment to make. You are just spending a large sum of money at once. If you are using the traditional heating system; in a few years time you will end up spending money much more than the value of the waste oil furnace. The waste oil heaters are completely eco friendly. You are not only saving money for yourself; you are making a positive contribution on the environment. Look for the different companies that sell waste oil furnace. Go with the one that is both reputed and comes within your budget. If you know someone who uses such a unit at his home or office; ask for recommendations.

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Waste Oil Heater- How it Works

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Waste Oil Heater- How it Works

This article was published on 2011/09/19
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